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Welcome to Triumph Charters

When you take a sailing vacation on Triumph Charters, you get much more than just a boat and meals. You get the combined skills of a professional captain and crew who deliver a world class experience.

The Captain: Doug Sabbag

There are pictures of Captain Doug at the helm of a sailboat when he was 4 years old wearing his red sailing cap. From this beginning, he honed his skills in the waters of New England from Maine to Massachusetts to Marthas Vineyard. He has also sailed the waters of Northern California, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Florida.

Doug's grandfather and father taught him much of what he knows about the sea.

Captain Doug rowing
He learned about setting sails, and reading the skies as well as maintaining and handling the vessel - underway, in calm or stormy conditions. This knowledge has been augmented by thousands of hours spent cruising in coastal and blue water adventures most recently from a Fort Lauderdale base, through the Bahamas, the Keys and along the Floridian coastline to Cortez. Doug's boats have included:
  • 37 foot yawl rigged wooden sailboat
  • 24 foot Sea Ray
  • 50 foot ketch rigged sailboat, the Triumph (his personal triumph)

Captain Doug sailing

Doug will happily share the hoisting and trimming of the sails, and time at the helm, with those who desire the full sailing experience!

His certifications, obtained in 2006, include:

  • the US Coast Guard OUPV Captain's License (6-Pack)
  • the STCW

Captain Doug will provide you with enjoyable cruising time, not just by cruising to fun, exciting destinations, but also by granting you the security of knowing that you are in the hands of a trained, knowledgeable professional. Your safety is always his primary

Doug has also been a photographer,
a computer consultant, plays tennis, snow skis, and is writing the book, Rebuilding America in support of his bid to run for President of the United States in 2016.

First Mate and Chef:
Evelyn Sabbag

Evelyn came on board the Triumph in 2005 and has never regretted leaving land behind. There are few emotions that come close to the feeling one gets when the dock is left behind, the sails are unfurled and the engine is turned off. Dolphins, sea turtles, manatees and countless other varieties of marine life can be seen up close when there are no motor noises to frighten them away. This, coupled with the sound of the wind and the waves, trapped Evelyn as completely and efficiently as any fisherman's net.


Evelyn in Nantucket
Under the expert tutelage of Captain Doug, Evelyn learned to handle the Triumph and obtained her OUPV Captain and STCW certifications.

Evelyn at her wedding

But cruising isn't just about the boat. Evelyn will see to your comfort and tempt you with many tropical delights. While fully capable of taking over the helm, her main goal is to ensure that you are pampered.

Raised in the Florida Everglades and a certified bartender, her repertoire of culinary offerings include a fusion of Southern-style dishes and Caribbean and tropical flavors. Meals, snacks, desserts and beverages will be delivered in style with a desire to have you love this life as much as she does.

Evelyn has a Master's degree as well as post graduate work in Engineering, is an accomplished embedded programmer, and offers onboard writing workshops based on experience earned from her award-winning self-published novels!

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