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RPLA Third Place Winner


Workshop 'Til You Drop - Front Cover Art

Workshop 'Til You Drop
*Florida Writers' Association Royal Palm Literary Awards - Third Place Winner, Mystery Category 2015
*Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award - Quarter Finalist 2014






Ready to publish your book?
Need a professionally formatted manuscript to send to a publisher?
Just want to get more out of Word®?

Do It All with Word® guides you through the technical details of creating and publishing a Print on Demand (POD) paperback and eBook. 

Do It All With Word

The techniques discussed in this manual have been used to create an award-winning novel (Workshop 'Til You Drop ) and get the attention of a traditional publisher. 
The latter resulted in a signed book deal!

Look for Rebuilding the United States: What I Would Do As President, by Douglas W. Sabbag

Rebuilding the United States - Douglas W. Sabbag

Don’t wait! You absolutely can Do It All with Word®

Every one of these novels was created using the techniques outlined in Do It All with Word®

The Basement Office Workshop 'Til You Drop A View of Modern Family

Take your pick! View them all at my author's page on Amazon


If you prefer hands-on instruction and will be in Fort Lauderdale,

Come Write Aboard©

Click here to reserve your space today!

Join E. Sabbag dockside and acquire the tools and training necessary to self-publish your novel. With three decades of academic and corporate training experience and several self-published novels (the latest,Workshop 'Til You Drop, was a quarter finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award - ABNA), Ms. Sabbag will share the knowledge necessary to produce a quality paperback and eBook in a series of fun and productive workshops. Select your track from the following...

Track 1 - The Manuscript:

• Hands on training in Word and Excel to help you create, edit and track your manuscript.
• Already have a manuscript completed? Great! You’ll receive instruction and tips on how to let the tools polish your writing for you.
• Work step by step through formatting your manuscript for both print-on-demand and eBook submissions. 

Track 2 - The Cover:

• Format an eye-catching, professional quality cover for your print-on-demand paperback and eBook.
• Bring custom artwork and learn to place it strategically
• Use your own author's photo or have one taken onboard the Triumph 

Track 3 - Social Media and Marketing:

• Create a book trailer and upload to Youtube.
• Start a blog
• Set up an author and/or book Facebook page
• Integrate Twitter into your marketing strategies
• Brainstorm on marketing and social media strategies

All Tracks:

• Create accounts on CreateSpace and Kindle Digital Publishing (Amazon)
• Obtain and apply ISBNs unique to your projects.
• After disembarkation, you'll receive up to 3 months online support to ensure you finish your project with the highest quality.
Please note: Revenue and/or social recognition and publicity is not guaranteed by any of these tracks.


• Continental breakfast including coffee, juice, yogurt and a selection of baked goods
• Lunch varies, but is always based on local ingredients and cuisine
• Please let me know any restrictions or allergies to ensure you don’t feel deprived
• Publishing is thirsty, challenging work. Drinks and snacks will be provided throughout the day, and you’re welcome to bring your own.


• Choose a personally signed copy of The Basement Office, Workshop 'Til You Drop or A View of Modern Family
• Custom templates for various PC applications, which will help you achieve your goals.

What to Bring:

• A Windows-based laptop with the ability to install new applications.
• A complete or nearly complete manuscript created in Microsoft Office / Word or OpenOffice Writer
• Artwork that you can legally use to create a custom cover
• Comfortable clothes - we're going to put in some long days!

Special Considerations:

• If you contracted the services you'll learn during these workshops for just one manuscript and custom cover (one revision allowed), it could cost you as much as $3000. Evelyn has trained many individuals who possessed little or no computer expertise and she can do the same for you! You'll gain, not just the skills, but also the confidence to complete as many novels as you want to produce.
• For persons with limited mobility, the training will take place at a nearby facility with great views of the ICW. In consideration of the safety and comfort of trainees, wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, strollers, crutches and other mobility assisting devices are not usable on the Triumph.
• The more the merrier! Discounts are available for groups. 10% for two or more registrants, 15% for 4 or more and 20% for 6-10. Note that reservations must be made at the same time.
• Discounts cannot be combined; maximum discount allowed is 20%.
• There is a slight but constant movement on the Triumph - bring non-drowsy motion sickness medication (Dramamine(c) or Bonine(c)) if you're at all susceptible to motion sickness
• Already self-published one or more novels? Expert or near expert on publication and image manipulation software? Great! You've entered an exciting and dynamic field. However, this workshop isn't for you -- this is a broad-based curriculum for creative types with little or no computer expertise
• Any questions or just want to talk to a real person? Contact me!

E. Sabbag-- Author, Engineer, Sailor

E. Sabbag


A View of Modern Family

A View of Modern Family

The Basement Office

The Basement Office







My Books

A View of Modern Family

A View of Modern Family

A few months ago, I decided to take a break from fiction. Harlequin announced a new imprint in Digital First - Pop! The description was for book-length discussions of pop culture topics. Since I'm a huge fan of ABC's sitcom modern family, I decided to give it a shot. By the time I'd written my analysis of modern family, Harlequin had cancelled the imprints. Legal shyness? Possibly.

Well, the book was complete - why not publish it anyway? With the help of talented designers on 99Designs, cover art was created and et voila! The book is reality. Get a copy now before ABC shuts me down!

The Basement Office - Front Cover Art

Workshop 'Til You Drop
A Murder Mystery

For quite some time, I've been writing with the goal of landing a publishing contract. To further this dream, I've attended numerous conferences, workshops and writing groups.

After a particularly brutal critique at the Antioch Writers Workshop, I was driving home and a thought came to me.

It's a wonder that somebody doesn't murder one of these self-important literary celebrities...

Et voila!

Workshop 'Til You Drop - paperback

Workshop 'Til You Drop - eBook/Kindle

FB Fan Page - E. Sabbag - Writer


Workshop 'Til You Drop - Back Cover


Order a print copy of any of my books directly from me and I'll personally sign it!

$8.99, any book, $24.99 for all three books; free shipping for all!


The Basement Office: E. Sabbag

This is the first published book by Evelyn. While it is definitely fiction and any references to persons living or dead is coincidental, there are portions that can be considered autobiographical.


What it's about:
Alan and Lisa Wilcox have it all.  She’s a successful program manager and pregnant with the child they put off until their careers were solid.  Alan has landed his dream job –he’s working from home as a consultant.  More money, more creative freedom, and, best of all, separation from the petty tedium he endured in the corporate environment.  They believe their dreams have finally come true, until deadlines loom and the freedom becomes isolation.  When evil manifests itself in the basement office, Alan finds he has no one to turn to.  Especially as he isn’t sure if the threat is real or just another aspect of the psychological hell he created for himself.  Real or imagined, he has to find a way to overcome the evil that shares the basement or his sanctuary will become deadly.

The Basement Office - Cover Art for Kindle The Basement Office - Front Cover Sketch


Sandy Siegel, an illustrator from Pompano Beach, Florida, created the art work. She's amazing. Check back often as images for new books will be updated periodically...



Outside Basement Window

Idea for The Basement Office:

Evelyn worked in engineering and the corporate world for over two decades. A common goal/dream in this industry, and maybe all industries, is to take control of your destiny and be your own boss. A few years ago, Evelyn came across an article on how to successfully work at home. Specifically, it focused on setting up a home office. A recommendation was to soundproof the area, make it lockable and shut off all communication to the outside world for a set amount of time a day. As Evelyn read the article, she wondered, "Distractions are minimized, true, but what if something happens? Like a stroke or a heart attack? And what happens to a person when they are cut off from human contact?" A few years later: The Basement Office.


The paperback and ebook/Kindle are available on Amazon now:

The Basement Office - paperback

The Basement Office - ebook/Kindle

Note: You don't have to have a Kindle to read the book -- there are app's available for any device from iThings to PC's to enable you to read an eBook in the Kindle format. I'll always love real books, but sometimes an eBook can be darn convenient. Go for it!

Future Books:

  • Sparks in the Wall E. Sabbag
  • Allure of the Incubus E. Sabbag
  • Rebuilding America Douglas Sabbag


Shameless Self-Promotion

I have a fan page on Facebook. There will be events set up there as well as the standard wall, photos, etc. Stop by and check it out: E. Sabbag - Writer

And my blog - Evelyn Sabbag - blogspot


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