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The United States - By the People, For the People!

Doug's common sense plan for rebuilding America's Middle Class and building a future for you and your children - Coming soon! By the People, For the People is the second book in a series dedicated to healing the USA.

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He's not looking for support from big corporations - he's the people's candidate and only the people can put him in office. $10, $20; it will all go to helping build a future for our country.
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By the People, For The People outlines Doug's plan to restore our country to greatness... Here's what's covered:

Chapters / Overview

  1. Federal Sales Tax instead of Income Tax
    1. 10% on all purchases, by all entities in all methods.
    2. Exempt purchases: Food, Primary Home and utilities, Medical, Education, Labor / employees, Inheritance, and Court ordered judgments.
    3. Shifts the tax load from the W2 workers to those who spend the most: Corporations.
  2. Investment in the People, a new baseline
    1. Single Payer / Universal Healthcare for all
    2. Kindergarten to a Career: Education Program for all
  3. All ‘Recreational’ Drugs Legalized
    1. Legal but controlled, like alcohol & cigarettes
    2. Revenues used for rehabilitation centers
    3. Rehabilitate and release ‘drug criminals’
  4. Infrastructure Rebuild
    1.  Bridges / Roads: built correctly / long term.
    2.  National Parks: Expanded, not sold
  5. End the Corporate abuse of the H1B Program
    1. Description of Program / Description of abuse of Program
    2. The new demand for Americans to replace the H1Bs will increase technical career students leading to higher wage careers
  6. Foreign Policy
    1. Alliances reviewed, per American Principles.  Practice Justice for ALL for our alliances.
    2. End of War on Terrorism by supporting the People, not their oppressors
    3. Maintain a dynamic Global presence via naval means; end foreign Military Bases.
    4. How to resolve the Korean situation where everyone ‘wins’
    5.  Halt US sales of Weapons to foreign governments.
  7. Environmental Industry – USA should take the lead, not fall behind
    1. Invest & support ‘Green Industries’, heavily
    2. Ocean ‘Super Sites’, administration by the United Nations including coordinating an effort to address Japanese radioactive leakage
  8. Focus on the inequality & injustice to women
    1. Equal Pay
    2. Make domestic violence a hate crime
  9. Summation – Vote for ourselves to take back our country

Rebuilding the United States - Douglas W. Sabbag

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